Kristen Marchant has first pro podium.

Three time Word Champion Melanie McQuaid was the first athlete off the bike and led till the penalty box 100m from the finishing line.  Given a 5 minute penalty, Kristen Marchant ran by her in the penalty box to win the race.

In a post-race decision, officials over-turned the penalty and gave the win to McQuaid and the silver to C3's Kristen Marchant.

None the less it was a very solid day for the young C3 female athlete and her first pro pay cheque of her young career.  Marchant had to look over her shoulder as USA superstar Jillian Petterson was only 23 seconds behind at the finishing line.

Marchant was top 6 last week in Philidephia and today her silver gives her first pro pay check.  American 70.3 Championships on May 2nd in St. George Utah. Stay tuned.