Taylor Reid Wins 70.3 San Juan

We know how hard Taylor Reid has worked and C3 couldn't be happier for him in his huge win today at 70.3 Ironman Puerto Rico. He beat some 3 major Olympic athletes in the process. Andy Potts (All American swimmer, Olympic triathlete and past Ironman champion), Ben Kanute (Rio Olympian and speedy rockstar), and Leanardo Chacon (Olympian).

Taylor is as committed as any athlete we've met. He's never been able to take the short-cut, tries to learn from his mistakes, and then goes back to work. We are proud of his big win today and know this is a sign of a great year ahead.

The C3 colours have flown huge already this year. Lionel Sanders who got his start in C3, has two 70.3 wins already. Alicia Kaye who won her National Championship medals as a teenager in C3, also won the race today.

Thanks to Benson Steel, Royal Containers, and the many C3 supporters who allow the club to support such young and deserving athletes as Taylor Reid.