Winter Training Tips

There is less light and we have to put on so much clothing to stay warm in our training sessions. I am going to go through a few tips that I use to stay motivated and fit through the winter.


Swimming really is not affected by the winter in Canada since all of our pools are indoors. The winter may be a good time to focus on your swimming a little more. That being said, triathletes still have to focus on all three sports, and open water swimming. I like to throw in a little bit of sitting in the pool. At the end of a workout I like to do 50m of swimming like I was in open water. So lifting your head every 3-4 strokes to see where you are going. Just like you do in the open water to work on that skill.


In the winter the trainer is your best friend. But sometimes those long bike rides just are not happening, so I like to do short hard repeats on the bike. To stay motivated it is really good to find a group to ride with, or even a spin class. The winter is a great time to do some single leg and work on skills.


Running can also be very hard to get in during the cold weather. It is key to remember that it takes a little time to layer up properly for the winter. I like to layer up with a t-shirt, long sleeved shirt and then a outer shell, with one to two pairs of tights. Also you can look into getting water resistance shoes so that your feet stay a little dryer. It is important to find the right area to run, with good trails or roads in the winter, and to be carful when the snow melts. Do not risk running on crazy cold or blizzardy days. Have a back up treadmill or take the day off.

General Tips:

It is very fun to try other winter sports that cross over a little, like Nordic Skiing or snowshoeing. Do not put yourself at risk of an injury, weigh the risk and rewards.