15th Annual C3 High Performance Team Golf Tournament & Supper Fund Raiser

For 21 years, C3 has been fund raising to help current and future stars. Lionel Sander's is now the top ranked long distance athlete in the world, but would not likely even be racing without the help of C3 parents, sponsors, and supporters.

Currently Taylor Reid and Kristen Marchant are two of the next generation athletes who C3's support is making a huge difference. The team and coach Barrie are asking you to dig deep and help keep this amazing program going.  We need your help in one of a number of ways.

DATE: Tuesday June 6th, 2017

LOCATION: Caledon Golf and Country Club

2121 Old Baseline Road, Caledon, L7C 0K7

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This very likely will be the only day this year that all of the biggest names in the sport will be together in one building and property. The supper is from 6-8:30pm on Wed June 22nd at the Caledon Golf and Country Club.

Many Olympians will be in the room that night. Women's soccer superstar Ashley Lawrence will be celebrating. Jason Wilson, Olympic bound triathlete will be at the supper. Olympic coaches and Paralympic athletes will be celebrating on June 22nd as well.

Come celebrate with the top triathletes, soccer players, swimmers and more.  Don't miss this amazing night. Bring some friends and meet, greet and hear their behind the scene stories. Register at:  https://app.eventcaddy.com/events/c3-kinetico-golf-bike-ride-for-future-olympic-champions


We are hoping for 50-75 bike loving age groupers to join Lionel, Andrew, Sean, Taylor, Kristen, Andrew Beardsall and the team.  Starting at 8:30am from the Caledon Golf and Country Club, there will be 4 different distance rides from 25km on the flat rail trail (where a Mt bike or cross bike will do) to 40k, 60k and 75km on road bikes with the C3 team. When else can you ride with the top pros and get a chance to take pictures and talk to them in a low stress day.

Register at:  https://app.eventcaddy.com/events/c3-kinetico-golf-bike-ride-for-future-olympic-champions

$195.00 Individual Golfer
$225.00 Individual Golfer + am bike ride
$780.00 Foursome golf
$900.00 Foursome golf + am group bike ride
$1,000.00 Foursome golf + hole sponsorship
$50.00 Dinner Only
$50.00 Morning Ride + Lunch Only
$50.00 Leisure Ride(25 km) + Lunch
$200.00 Hole Sponsorship Only

SCHEDULE: All riders leaving at 830am.

A chance to ride with Taylor, Lionel, Andrew Yorke, Andrew Beardsall, Kristen Marchant, and Sean Bechtel.

Post Ride lunch and draw prizes included.

Golf lunch 12-1 the best ball 18 hole foursome with supper included. Enter a foursome or we put you in one.

Supper and meet the Pros and Olympians.