Mega Days

In 2017, C3 will host 3 Mega Training Days - January 14th, February 4th, February 25th.

Mega Days are longer training days with more support and a keynote speaker to help inspire and educate.  Participants have the option of a full day or just parts of the Mega Day.

The key aspect of a Mega Day is the 9am-12 noon, three hour indoor bike with Sean Bechtel & Special Guest.

Following the 3hr bike, a keynote inspiring talk will occur, followed by Caron Shepley's core-strength-yoga and stretch class.

The entire day takes place at the Caledon Community Complex in Caledon East.

Mega Day 1: January 14th

Sean Bechtel & Andrew Yorke as bikers. Andrew Yorke’s Olympic talk at 12:30pm

Mega Day 2: February 4th

Sean Bechtel & Nat Faulkner as bikers. Nat Faulkner’s Around the World Bike Ride talk at 12:30pm

Mega Day 3: February 25th

Sean Bechtel & Nat Faulkner as bikers. Mark Herbst Race Across America Bike Race talk at 12:30pm


  • Doors open 8am
  • Indoor Bike 9-12 noon
  • Keynote speakers 12:30-1:15pm
  • Caron’s core & dryland 1:15-2:30pm