We’ve tried to pull together many of the questions we receive from people considering whether C3 is right for them or can help them achieve their training goals.

  • Workouts vary by season. When do the summer and winter sessions start?

    The summer training sessions begin, weather permitting, in late April or early May each year. We inform you of the specific dates by e-mail and/or newsletter. The open water quarry swimming will not usually start until late May or early June as the water temperature takes a while to get to an acceptable range for swimming. If we experience warmer than expected weather conditions prior to May 1st, we may inform members via newsletter or e-mail, that a particular training session will take place outdoors rather than indoors.

    The winter sessions will usually start in the mid-October timeframe and are dependent on the arrangements we make for indoor workouts with various facilities. Please check the Workouts page for updates.

  • I’m not a triathlete. Can you join C3 to improve in only one sport?

    Absolutely. We have coaches that can help you with each individual discipline and many of our members participate only in the workouts for the specific sports in which they are interested. For example, we have runners, cyclists and power walkers that only participate in those specific workout sessions and we offer membership options that fit your specific interest.

  • I’m not an elite level triathlete. Is C3 for me?

    Absolutely. The majority of our members join to improve their general level of fitness, and to learn the sport of triathlon or to improve in the individual sports of swimming, biking and running. We have members of all fitness levels and age groups and while many compete in triathlon’s or duathlon’s as age group athletes, others simply attend workouts for the group motivation, social atmosphere and access to coaching.