Join C3

2017 will be the 22nd year for one of Canada’s oldest and most respected multi-sport clubs!

The club is most proud of the fact that every year, dozens of first time families and individuals achieve their own personal goals.

While C3 has a rich history of having supported and created Olympians, Pan American Athletes, Marathoners, Biker Racers, and Ironman Medalists, It's through C3’s incredible group of coaches, mentors, medical staff, sponsors, and volunteers that club members are supported in pursuit of their goals.

C3 Individual Full Year Membership

Even if you only use a fraction of the entire package this incredibly priced 2017 package is perfect for nearly anyone.

  • 52 weeks of indoor (Nov-April) and outdoor (May-Oct) bike workouts
  • 3 Mega Days Jan 14th, Feb 4th & Feb 25th
  • 52 weeks of outdoor group runs (Sun, Tue & Thr)
  • 16 weeks of Injury Prevention Run Program (Jan-Feb on Wed & Mar-April on Tue evenings)
  • Core and Yoga for Runners/Injury Prevention (Thursday's at the Personal Best Fitness Studio)
  • 52 weeks of indoor pool (either with Sean OR Miguel) and all quarry swims (May-Sept)
  • 2 NEW 2017 Open Water Swim Races & BBQs (Wed night June 29th & Wed Nigh July 26th)
  • C3 May Spring Skills Kick off Clinic
  • New Aug 19th C3 Time Trial Day & BBQ
  • Triathlon Ontario Discount
C3 Summer Quarry Membership

Designed for the person who would like to access Ontario’s greatest, safest, and most motivating open water swim location.

  • 5 months of all quarry swims (May-Sept) - some with coach support
  • 2 NEW 2017 Open Water Swim Races & BBQs (Wed night June 29th & Wed Nigh July 26th)
  • Triathlon Ontario Discount