Workout Descriptions

We workout at various places throughout the year. Here you can check the locations, find maps, read the workout description, and get a quick overview of what to expect.


We swim in the pool, and at the C3 Caledon Quarry during the summer months. Check the schedule for times and locations.

What to expect: A coached swim workout, with focus on freestyle technique, strength, endurance, and interval sets.

When: Sunday mornings for a pool swim. At the C3 Caledon Quarry during summer months we have a swim almost everyday of the week.

Where: Mayfield Pool - A coached swim with all levels of swimmers from October through May.

Open Water Swimming

What to expect: Coached, and on your own swims. The quarry is set with a 1km loop, with an additional internal 400m loop.

When: Various times a week, the quarry swims are almost daily during the summer months.

Where: C3 Caledon Quarry - Open water swimming with courses permanently marked with buoys for the summer. June through September.


When riding outdoors, we leave from two different locations depending on the day. Saturday group rides leave from the Inglewood Arena parking lot, as do the Thursday evening rides.

What to expect: Each Saturday we have three groups for you to choose from. A Marshall will be there to get things organized and started. Rides will be predetermined, and maps will be available on the day, and online.

When: Saturday mornings, rain or shine from May until September.

When: Thursday evenings, followed by a run off the bike.

Where: Inglewood Arena, Inglewood, ON.

Indoor Spinning

C3 Saturday Spin Classes are now hosted at the Personal Best Fitness Studio. We ride indoors from October until April.

What to expect: Coached sessions will have you working on that bike when its too cold to be outside.

When: October through April, Saturday monrings.

Where: Personal Best Fitness Studio, 19854 Airport Rd, Caledon.


We run together as a group three times a week. Workouts will vary for each person, so don't hesitate to come out for a little fresh air and group running. Locations also vary so please review the Schedule for date, time, and location.

What to expect: All runs are coached, and we work on various aspects such as drills, form, endurance, pace, and fine tuning for those getting ready to do a race.

When: Tuesday evenings.

Where: Caledon Community Centre, Caledon East.

When: Sunday mornings. Join us for a long run or power walk. The group typically grabs a coffee afterwards at Four Corners Bakery in Caledon East (Airport Road).

Where: Caledon East - The group parks along Airport Road by the Rail Trail, and across from Four Corners Bakery.

Core & Injury Prevention

The best way to avoid an injury is to strenthen all parts of the body, not just those arms and legs! Join us for a class of focus core and mobility exercises ~ bring along your yoga mat if you have one.

What to expect:

When: Tuesday evenings after the run. We usually start at 7PM.

Where: Caledon Community Centre

Stand Up Paddle Board (and Yoga)

Along with the great open water swimming we have at the C3 Caledon Quarry, we offer organized paddle boarding, and a paddle board yoga class.

If you have a C3 membership and your own board, come on down and paddle with us. Boards can be rented for $10 pls tax (per hour) at the C3 Caledon Quarry.

If you would like to participate in one of the paddle board yoga classes, please book in advance with Personal Best.


What to expect:

When: Throughout the summer months. Please see the Workout Schedule for detials.

Where: C3 Caledon Quarry